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Volny Films | A free media website made with Django 2.2.

❗❗❗ Volny Films does not host any media. ❗❗❗

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Description 📘

Volny Films is a website made in Django 2.2 for searching and viewing movies and TV shows. Currently, Volny Films has access to more than 151,100 movies and 198,000 TV episodes. This website was inspired by other "free movie" websites on the internet. Most of the "free movie" websites I find are slow and not designed well, so I set out to build one that is simple and just works. Since none of the media is hosted by Volny Films and is rather requested from external APIs and embedded, the website is completely legal and does not violate any copyright laws.

API's 🌐

Access ✔️

Volny Films can be accessed via http://www.volnyfilms.com/.

Unfortunately, the user must have an Ad-Blocker installed for the website to function properly (thanks iFrames). Because of this, the website is only offically supported on desktop. I am currently looking for a work-around to fix this issue.

The user is greeted by the index page which lists media categories including Popular Movies, Top Rated Movies, In Theaters, Popular TV Shows, Top Rated TV Shows, and On The Air TV Shows. The user is able to search for a specific movie or TV show via the search bar.

Volny Films does not currently support user accounts.

Features ▶️


Search Specific movie or TV show

Future Plans 🚀

Volny Films is in a stable release and is not currently being actively developed, however I do have future plans. These include:

These features will be added as I find time to work on Volny Films.

Please feel free to share the website with your friends! I made this site with the intention of providing a free and simple service to all that does not require any form of sign up or commitment.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at contact@smithjesko.com